Our maintenance department makes BVS a major player in preventive and curative maintenance for your networks and systems.

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Fibre optic networks

From engineering to building underground and aerial infrastructures, we deploy fibre optic networks adapted to all architectures.

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Video surveillance

Our knowledge of video technologies combined with infrastructure expertise allows us to respond precisely to each of your projects’ specific requirements.

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Access control

We install and program complete Access Control, Intercom and Intrusion Control systems.

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BVS - un lien vers l'essentiel

link to the essential

Since 1963, we have been constantly innovating to build the networks of tomorrow.

Our goal

is to fulfil the specific requirements of every economic player’s projects.

Our aim

is to bring people together and promote economic development by building communication networks.

Our inspiration

is a world where the pace of technological pace is quickening all the time.

Our strong points

  • Our human resources

    The company’s number one asset. The team spirit is an intrinsic part of the company’s foundation and contributes to our strong identity. Because we need everyone in order to create, we have always embraced this philosophy. Our research, maintenance and works departments interact constantly on all projects from design to acceptance. Our knowledge of all these steps allows us to give advice and design solutions in a manner relevant to the technology and the environment in which we operate.

  • Our responsiveness and flexibility

    Our activities relating to communication infrastructures as well as safety and security lead to us being involved in areas and facilities that may be described as sensitive and/or strategic. It is therefore our duty to design networks and systems that are appropriate and of high quality (reliable), and to keep them operational at all times. Because we act at all levels and because technology is always evolving, analysis and anticipation are integral parts of our culture.
    We therefore benefit from great technical and technological expertise at every stage of our projects, ensuring that our company is among those recognised for their reliability and adaptability.

  • Our know-how

    Mastery of the whole process from design to production, and expertise in communication network technologies and safety – security systems.

Our news

Le 6 March 2018

BVS dans l'actualité économique de l'écho des communes

Nouvel article sur BVS dans le magazine d’actualités de Côte d’Or : l’écho des communes. L’...

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Le 4 January 2018

BVS à la une pour le déploiement de la fibre sur la côte d’Or

Côte d’Or magazine a en effet choisi l’entreprise BVS pour faire la première de couverture de son numéro de ...

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Le 3 January 2018

BVS présente à la Cité 21

BVS était présente cette année encore à Cité 21, le salon des collectivités territoriales de la Côte-d’Or. C...

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Le 15 December 2017

Obtention d'un marché d'audit de pylônes à Mayotte

Dans le cadre de nos solutions de maintien en condition opérat...

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Le 12 December 2017

Traitement béton sur tour Hertzienne

Illustration d’un traitement de béton de bâtiments et tours hertziennes pour lequel BVS a été missionné par ...

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Le 22 November 2017

Raccordement fibre optique lors de travaux de rénovation

Vous envisagez d’effectuer une rénovation de votre immeuble ? Sachez que le Décret n° 2017-832 du 5 mai 2017 rend ...

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Le 22 November 2017

Modification fréquence télévision

L’évolution de la TNT vers une norme plus performante va permettre de libérer de la ressource supplémentaire pour ...

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